How beautiful is the world surrounds us!

The sunrise is one of the most exquisitely beautiful things I know.

It is so beautiful because it calls forth within us a harmony of understanding akin to the natural beauty which we see painted on the eastern sky. All beauty is in the consciousness of the perceiver therefore, where, in a very true sense, all things that we cognize are.

You cannot see beauty outside unless you have beauty within you. You cannot under-stand beauty unless you yourself are beautiful inside. You cannot understand harmony unless you yourself in your inner parts are harmony. All things of value are within yourself, and the outside world merely offers you the stimulus, the stimulation, of and to the exercise of the understanding faculty within you.

There is beauty in understanding, and understanding springs only from an understanding heart, paradoxical as that may sound at first hearing. It is the understanding heart that has vision.

The seer trains himself to open the seeing eye, and nature speaks to him in tones which grow with each year more entrancing, more wonderful, because he is growing greater inside. His understanding is broadening and deepening. The whispering of the trees, the susurrus of the leaves and their rustling, the slow boom of the waves on the shingle of the shore, the chirp of the cricket, the cooing of the dove, the sound of a human voice — strident though oft it is — contain marvels for him. He recognizes his kinship with all that is, he realizes that he is but one element in a most marvelous mosaic of life in which he is inseparably bound, and that even as the vision grows it becomes ever more beautiful and sublime; and he knows that the vision sublime is there, and strives to see it ever more clearly.

Every tree, every flower, every atom of the mineral crunched under your feet as you tread the surface of the earth, everything that is, had you the seeing eye, you could learn from. Have you never looked into the bosom of a flower? Have you never studied the beauty, symmetry, glory, around you? Have you never looked at the rising or the setting sun and marveled at the paintings on the eastern or western horizon? Have you never looked deep into the eye of a fellow human being, looked with a seeing eye on your own kind? Have you never found marvels there? What a wonderful world we are surrounded by! 

Learn to control the mind. Man is a child of the gods, and his mind should be godlike, his thoughts aspiring, his heart constantly opening in love ever more; and therefore his attitude should be godlike also.

Go into the silent places of your heart; enter into the chambers so quiet and still of your inner being. Soon you will learn to knock at the doors of your own heart. Practice makes perfect. Intuition will then come to you. You will have knowledge immediately; you will know truth instantly. That is the Way; that is the teaching.

In these silent places you receive illumination, you receive visions of truth, because your spirit — the core of you, the heart of you — has gone into the very core of being, where it is native, from which it is separated never, from which it originally sprang, and with which you are in direct and unceasing communication.

Realize this wonderful truth; take it to heart. For there are fountains inexhaustible of wisdom, of knowledge, and of love — yes, and power — power over self first of all, which means power over nature, in which we live and move and have our being. For the core of your being is the inner god in you, the divine spirit, the Christos-spirit, the Buddhic splendor.

It is into these quiet places of the soul, into these deep silences of the heart — that is to say, the inmost of the inmost of the human being — that enter the Great Ones when they want to acquire more light and greater knowledge; for by so doing they enter into the very structure and fabric of the universe, and therefore know truth at first hand, because they become in their own minds and intelligences — in the interpreting organ we call the mentality — one with that universe, vibrating synchronously, sympathet­ically, with the vibrations on all planes of the Eternal Mother. There they become at one with All, and therefore know truth intuitively..

Fragment from “Golden Precepts of Esotericism
Gottfried de Purucker (1874-1942) theosophist.

“Close both eyes to see with the other eye”



Those who have the intuition of something greater within, of something splendid and grand, of something which is growing within the heart and within the mind, like the budding flower: these are the ones who shall finally see more.

There is no favoritism in nature. The old, old rule is a true one. Man takes what he himself can get — what he himself is.

You cannot know truth except with the knower; you cannot understand anything outside of you except with and by and through the understander within you; and yet what is outside of you is likewise within you, for you are an inseparable part of the universe, of which you are a child. Every entity is an inseparable part of the boundless All, because he is its offspring, its child, so to speak, life of its life, blood of its blood, thought of its thought. And the way to obtain the vision sublime, and to see that vision sublime growing ever more sublime forever, is by looking within, following the still, small pathway of the inner consciousness. This is what is meant by the injunction: Man, know thyself !

There in the distant mystic East, on the mountain peaks of the spirit, you will see the rising sun. You yourself will enter into light and freedom. You will be subject to the dicta of none, controlled by none; you will be a free man: free in the spirit, free of intellect, because you will have become one with spiritual nature. You will have entered into the temple of the holy one within your own heart of hearts, and there, in the adytum, you will see your own inner god.

How wonderful, holy, sublime, inspiring as none other, is this truth: that within each one there is an unspeakable fount of strength, of wisdom, of love, of compassion, of forgiveness, of purity! Ally yourself with this fountain of strength; it is in you, none can ever take it from you. Its value is more excellent than all the treasures of the universe, for knowing it, being it, you are All.

For one bright intelligence pervades all things; and what is in the star is in the flower under our feet; and it is the instinctive recognition of this thing of beauty which has led the poet to speak of the flower as a star of beauty. The same life force pours through it as through the star; the same bright flame of intelligence gives to it its exquisite form, shape, color, and this is the same bright flame of intelligence that controls the passing of the stars along their cosmic ways…

Fragment from “Questions of Life – In the Light of Esoteric Wisdom
Gottfried de Purucker (1874-1942) theosophist.


There is a hunger in every human heart, which nothing can satisfy or appease — a hunger for something more true than ordinary human beings wit of, a hunger for the real, a hunger for the sublime. It is the nostalgia of the soul, of the spirit-soul of man. The source of this longing is the homesickness brought about by the soul-memory of our spiritual abode, whence we came and towards which we are now on our return journey.

Men unconsciously, intuitively, unknown to the brain-mind, see the vision sublime on the mountaintops of the mystic East; and oh! this yearning homesickness for the indescribable, for the immortal, for the deathless, for that which brings unutterable peace and a love which is frontierless in its reaches! Every human heart feels this, and it is the saving power in men, the thing which gives them hope and aspiration, which raises their souls with the recognition of the glory that once was theirs.

Light for the mind, love for the heart, understanding for the intellect: all three must be satisfied in every man before he has real peace.

There is a path, a sublime pathway of wisdom and illumination which begins, for each human being, in any one incarnation on this earth in the present life, and thereafter leads inward, for it is the pathway of consciousness and spiritual realization leading ever inward, more inward, still more inward, toward the mystic East, which is the heart of the universe, and it is the core of you — the rising sun of spiritually divine consciousness within you.

Every faculty, energy, everything, is in the core of the core of your being, which is your road, so to speak, by which you grow out from the heart of Being, which is your spiritual selfhood.

The path to the heart of the universe is one and yet different for every human being. The meaning is that every human being himself is that pathway — that pathway which is builded of thought and consciousness and of the fabric of your own being. It is builded of the stuff of nature’s heart.

There is a long road; it is also broad. It is the road whereon you have nature’s streaming current of energy with you, and following this road you will reach perfection in due time; but this is the road of long-enduring slow evolution, moving ahead little by little in each life, through the incalculable ages.

Fragment from “Questions of Life – In the Light of Esoteric Wisdom
Gottfried de Purucker (1874-1942) theosophist.


The Helix Nebula, NGC 7293,
located in the constellation Aquarius, is about 700 light-years away.
This is one of the closest to Earth of all the bright planetary nebulae.
Also known as the eye of God.

“You are not ‘IN’ the universe, you ‘ARE’ the universe, an intrinsic part of it.
Ultimately, you are not a person, but a focal point where the universe becomes aware of itself.
What a great miracle.”

– Eckhart Tolle


‘The disciple no longer sees space, no logos, no order, no reason, no plan, no creature or appearance. Only light, into which he disappears in bliss; only force, with which he is one; a great omnipresent nothingness, to which he is bound without ties. But that is the first sensation, the first overwhelming of the new consciousness. It is the prelude, the blessed entry of the heavenly man into the New Jerusalem. It is the emotion of love, into which man sinks as into blissful non-being.

And then… then the eye of Shiva is opened, the eye of Dangma, the third eye in mythology, then the heavenly door is unlocked.
That eye of Shiva is the bonding of the celestial faculty of thought with the virgin dialectic faculty of thought.

And that eye of Shiva, that door to heaven, becomes brighter and brighter, opening more and more, as the disciple succeeds in tearing down his old temple and rebuilding it in three days.

And as soon as that eye of Shiva gazes bright and clear into the new world, after the resurrection on the third day, which is like a climb up a mountain, the omnipresent one is no longer a blissful recluse in the mystical non-being, but then he is, he becomes an executor, a co-heir, a co-builder of God’s plan for the world and mankind, then he is a living, conscious member of the body Christi, of the divine hierarchy. The new consciousness makes the pupil fit to be a participant in the tremendous process of creation and purification, which God has begun and is continuing for all creatures.’

Fragment from “The Christian Initiation Mystery
Jan van Rijckenborgh (1896-1962) Hermetic Gnostic and Rosicrucian.

And then…
then the eye of Shiva is opened,
the eye of Dangma,
the third eye of mythology,
then the heavenly door will be unlocked.

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