“The gods sing a hymn of silence,
and I am silently singing.”

– Hermes Trismegistus


In a place open to the sky,
facing west at the hour of sunset
or east at sunrise,
I pray that the Cosmos be flung open to me
and that all nature
may receive the sound of my psalms.
Open, great earth,
and trees, silence your waving boughs,
for I am about to sing
the praise of the One and All.
Justice, praise the just through me.
Goodness, praise the good through me.
Truth, praise the true through me.
Selflessness, praise the All through me.
It is your words
that through me sing your praises —
for all comes from you
and all returns to you.
Accept these pure offerings of speech
from a heart and soul uplifted.
You of whom no words can tell,
no tongue can speak,
and only silence can declare.

I thank you with a brimming heart,
for it is only by your grace that I see your Light
and come to know you.
I thank you whose name no man knows.
You whom we honour with the title ‘Atum’,
because you are our master.
You whom we call ‘Father’,
because you have shown
in all your acts towards us
the loving kindness and warm affection
that a father feels.
No — your love is greater than a father’s love,
for you have given us the gifts
of Mind and speech and Knowledge.
Mind, so that we may approach you.
Speech, that we may call to you.
Knowledge, so that we may experience you
finding our salvation in your Light
and becoming filled with bliss. 

We can thank you only by learning
to know your greatness.
I have learnt to know you.
You — the most brightly blazing Light of Mind.
I have learnt to know you.
You — the true Life of humankind.
I have learnt to know you.
You — the prolific all-womb
which impregnates itself.
I have learnt to know you.
You — the eternal constancy
which stands unmoved,
and causes the whole universe
to revolve.

Who can speak about you?
Who can speak to you?
Where shall I look to praise you — upwards or downwards?
For you are space
in which all things are contained.
There is no place but you.
All is in you.
What offering can I bring you?
For you are all things.
You give everything and receive nothing.
There is nothing that you lack.
For what shall I praise you?
For the things you manifest,
or the things you conceal?
How shall I sing to you?
Am I my own?
Have I anything which is mine?
Am I other than you? 

You are all that I am.
You are all that I do.
You are all that I say.
You are all that happens.
You are all that has not occurred.
You are Mind in your thinking.
You are Father in your creating.
You are Atum who does everything.
You are Primal Goodness everywhere. 

You have revealed your Being,
and I am overcome.
While I am still in the body,
you have made me a god
by the gift of your eternal Life,
and I am filled with joy.
With these words of praise I adore you
who alone are Goodness.
I make no prayer but this —
that by your will,
I be kept always
still knowing and loving you,
and that I never fall away
from this blessed life. 

Father, you have filled me
with this good and beautiful vision.
My mind’s eye is almost blinded with splendour,
more penetrating than visible light,
yet so full of immortal Life,
that it does not hurt or harm me.
By your mercy,
a form has been fashioned within me
which is not made of matter
and I have entered into an immortal body.
I have been born again in Mind
and the bodily shape
I had before has left me.
I am no longer an object —
tangible, coloured, with spatial dimensions.
I am alien to all that is seen
with bodily eyesight.
To such eyes,
I am no longer visible.  

I am your instrument.
Mind is your plectrum,
and your wisdom plucks music from me.
I sing a song of my soul,
for your love has reached me.
You have made me a new being,
and I no longer see with bodily eyes
but witness with Mind.
When a man is born again
he is not a body of three dimensions.
He is All-Spirit.
Now that I see in Mind
I perceive myself to be the All.
I am in heaven and earth.
I am in water and air.
I am in beasts and plants.
I am a new-born babe.
I am still in the womb.
I am yet to be conceived.
I am the presence which is present

I see incredible depths.
How can I describe this vision?
With my mind I see Mind.
I know the One
that wakes me from forgetfulness.
I see my soul.
I am afraid to speak.
I have found the source
of the power of all powers
that has no beginning.
I see a fountain bubbling with Life.

I am Spirit!
I have seen!
I have found that which I seek.
I know peace in your purpose.
By your will, I am born again.
Language is inadequate.
The gods sing a hymn of silence,
and I am silently singing.

Compiled from De Asclepius, the Hermetic Texts from Nag Hammadi, the Corpus Hermeticum, Books 1, 5, 10 and 13.
© The Hermetica by Timothy Freke & Peter Gandy, p151-155

© Please respect the authors’ mention and copyright.