“What the universe will manifest when you are in alignment with it
is a lot more interesting than what you try to manifest.”

– Adyashanti


The Song of Self Healing

– John Shane

Let the healing powers
of the sun, the moon, the stars
and the planets in their orbit penetrate me.

And as the river, fed by the rains, gives its water back to the sea, may I too, in turn, give the knowledge to those who do not know how to find in themselves the unity of the energy that sparkles in all forms,
from the smallest atom to the largest galaxy.

And may I,
in an indivisible moment,
receive the awareness of the infinity in myself,
and so be free.

Let the healing power of the fire in my heart ignite true desire and propel me upwards.

Let the healing power of the earth give me rebirth, so that I may discover that all the many forms of life are the same and put an end to the inner struggle.

Let the healing power of the air that we all breathe make me see what we have in common, and how with every breath we stand at the dividing line between life and death.

Let the healing power of water make me grow, to learn to forget my cares
and live each moment in the stream.

Let the healing power of light teach me to see clearly, so that in me all apparent contradictions may be dissolved and I may go to where good and bad no longer exist and I no longer see life in black and white.

Let the healing power of sound penetrate all that lives through my voice and let my ear willingly listen to all that sounds so that my mind may be clarified and I may be freed from hope or fear.

Let me in the spaceless silence
Let me experience in the spaceless silence that the healing grace of the shining void is the core of my own mind, and that I thus rise above any limited concept of birth and death, and of the delusion of time.

Let the healing forces
evoked by this song,
I and all who suffer be strengthened now, and may all hearts know the peace they yearn for.

Thank you

to inspire me, to believe, to mirror, to connect, to show the way,
to be one…

a todas as irmãs e irmãos
da Casa de Cura Mestre Irineu, padrinho Marcelo e madrinha Fatima

Judith & Eduard – www.creeavie.com  / www.evidences.be 

Griet & Roel – www.anamcara.be                               

Nina & Gert – www.alchemyofsparks.info

Sabrina – www.enlightenmentcodes.com

and profoundly, Greta – www.gloedenkleur.be

Tania, Koen, Simon, Jeroen,
and all those I do not mention here but feeling know that I am grateful to them too,

to all the souls I’ve met
and all those I am yet to meet on the way in this life.

in Light and Love,

“Wisdom is knowing I am nothing
Love is knowing I am everything
and between the two
my live moves.”

– Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

You Are Everything,
the Infinite Spark of being.

‘Polarity consciousness was introduced to create the illusion of separateness. As you enter a higher vibratory state, you no longer need that same polarity. You are learning to see oneness through glasses that are still tinted with polarity. In learning to see oneness, look for the keys and signs that lie along the way. One of them is the factor known as the golden ratio. The golden section is the mathematical formulation for converting the infinite into the finite, and the finite into the infinite.

It is as if the golden section opens up the closed circle form and transforms it into a spiral form in a new dimension, where high and low are connected. This movement creates the Jacob’s ladder.

Now such a bridge of light has been built out of your love, a bridge of light that is the Jacob’s ladder spiralling through eternity. On this bridge of light there is truly the golden section, the Power of One and the divine destiny of the earth itself.  This bridge of light spans the worlds and unites creation with creation. When you cross this passage of light, when you place your foot on the path of the Path, there is only one path, and that is the Path of Love. I bless you this day and all the days until eternity. You are my beloved children. I call you home to love, forever. Amen.’

Excerpt from ‘The Heartbeat (Breath) of God, Beacons of Light
& ‘The heartbeat of GOD, Circles and Light…’ – Message from Mother Mary via Judith


“Why am I seeking?
I am the same as He.
His essence speaks through me.
I have been looking for Myself.”

– Rumi


Special thanks to
Keith Critchlow &
Drunvalo Melchizedek
to shine Light on Sacred Geometry again in these era.

Inspirational books

– ‘Souls of Distortion Awakening’
by Jan Wicherink

– ‘The whole elephant Revealed’
by Marja de Vries

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