“The moment you start watching the thinker,
a higher level of consciousness becomes activated.
You then begin to realize that there is a vast realm of intelligence beyond thought,
that thought is only a tiny aspect of that intelligence.
You also realize that all the things that truly matter
– beauty, love, creativity, joy, inner peace – arise from beyond the mind.
You begin to awaken.”

– Eckhart Tolle


© The text fragments below come from
‘Souls of Distortion Awakening’, by, 2008

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A place between (beyond) ‘time and space’, for which related concepts (manifestations) such as quantum vacuum, zero point field, swabhavat, prana, life force, tetragrammaton, universal thinking capacity, anima mundi, world soul, world spirit, unity consciousness, ki, chi, kundalini, psi powers, akashic field, zero point field (Z.P.F.), aether, vril and tachyon energy are used.

In the Akashic Field, ‘Space – Time – Matter’ forms one trinity, which can be distinguished but not separated.

Akasha (Sanskrit). The word means ‘brilliant’, ‘shining’, ‘luminous’. The fifth cosmic element, the fifth essence or ‘quintessence’, called aether by the ancient Stoics. It is not, however, the ether of chemistry; this is only one of its lower parts.

In the Brahminical scriptures ‘åkåßa’ is used as the cosmic spirit-substance, the reservoir of Being.
The Hebrew Old Testament refers to it as the cosmic ‘waters’.
It is a universal and substantial space.

It is said to be the ‘ultimate register’ of all information of living beings, called the ‘Akashic record’. According to Theosophy, the ‘Akasha’ keeps a record of all occurring thoughts, words and deeds as they are imprinted in the ‘Akasha’ (Ether).
The concept is similar to Jung’s collective unconscious and to cosmic, collective consciousness.
In Hinduism, this ‘Akash tattva’ is considered to be the original natural element of Ether, from which the other four (fire, water, earth and air) originated.

All perceptible matter comes from a primary substance, which fills all space, the akasha or luminous ether, and where the Prana or creative force calls forth life, in an infinite cycle of things and phenomena.

– Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), inventor – physicist

ETHER – aether

is a subtle form of energy that flows through all material things like a liquid, creating the material world out of itself. Together with the other Platonic bodies, it creates the geometrical internal structures of an atom.

If the universe is formed of only one substance, Ether, then form is the means and only way to provide the physical world with seemingly separate appearances of individual material things. Because the substance itself cannot distinguish itself from itself. Hence, the geometric design of the ether is the pivot in the creation of the material world.

All creation is the result of ether vibrations, just as Eastern Hindu cosmology speaks of the Ohm sound as the vibration that creates the physical world.

The Egyptians called matter ‘frozen music’, as a result of musical vibrations of the Ether.

Matter is the focus of a vibration in a sea of energy called the Ether.

Ether is the classical term for the medium of spirit. According to the ancient Greeks, it was the substance from which light emerged. In Greek mythology, the god Aether is the soul of the world. This celestial, opposed to the earthly, is endorsed by the vedic culture in which the ether is called ‘akasha’, the first element in creation that in evolution precedes the elements of fire, earth, water and air.
The Supreme Personality of Godhead in vedic theology may, according to the Bhâgavata Purâna 11.5: 19 e.g., be considered as the personification of the ether and may, as an element, be considered as the representation of the supersoul, as with the Greeks.
The Chinese, especially the neo-confucianists, call the ether qi and see it as the basis for the creation and as that in which it dissolves. According to them, the ether must be dissolved by the path of human virtue.


According to quantum physics, our physical reality exists only when it is observed (particle state) and that matter reverts to pure energy when no one is paying attention (wave state).”

Our universe may well be holographic in nature. An implicit order in the universe, a unity at a deeper level that outwardly unfolds as separate things.

– David Bohm (1917-1992) quantum physicist



worldview assumes that we live within one dynamic reality in which the divine, the cosmic and the human are involved with and belong to each other. In humans, these three dimensions are known as the spirit, the soul and the body respectively. These three dimensions cannot be considered separately, but can only be experienced in their coherence by the human being with an active receptivity, from awareness.


is a recursive geometric pattern that is repeated endlessly at different scales. See for example bronchi of the human body. When we zoom in on a fractal object we see that the pattern of the object at the macro-level is repeated at the micro-level no matter how deeply we zoom in.


has discovered the existence of four basic cosmic attractors: the point, the cycle, the torus and the strange attractor. The attractor can best be described as the force in nature that creates order out of chaos. The chaos is attracted to the attractor and creates a hidden order. The attractors in the chaos theory form the force that the Greek philosopher Aristotle called ‘entelechy’ (purpose). The goal that draws events to itself.


The universe is like a giant storehouse of different electromagnetic frequencies that define multiple levels of reality simultaneously. The brain decodes (according to Fourier analysis) only one channel out of this mush of electrostatic frequencies of the universe and constructs from this its inner representation of reality.


Consciousness is not the ‘Epiphenomenon’, the result of brain activity. The brain is like a large antenna or receiver of a universal consciousness that is omnipresent in the universe.


Because every phenomenon is originally resonated energy, we can change the substance by changing its vibration.


Hado is an intrinsic vibrational pattern at the atomic level in all matter, the smallest unit of energy. Its basis is the energy of human consciousness.


tells that the self-consciousness is Light that creates the material world. Could this universal consciousness, which some also call ‘God’, be the zero point or silence point in the Ether, the fractal-attractor in chaos theory that draws all the Light of the universe to itself – where everything is One?


are pulses of electromagnetic energy. When atoms absorb or give off energy, the energy is transferred in the form of photons. A photon is a pulse travelling through the ether / zero-point energy field.



A space segment may be empty of matter, but it is never free of energy or, rather, energy-bearing fields. In fact, completely empty space is filled with a variety of complex fields. They are fields in the quantum vacuum – the ocean of energy that stretches to the furthest reaches of the universe. The energies of the quantum vacuum are intrinsically unobservable (in spite of their observable effects). For this reason they are called ‘virtual’ energies. Virtual vacuum energies fluctuate around their lowest possible value, that is, the residual value that is present even at absolute zero (-273°C). They are therefore also called zero-point energies, and their field zero-point energy field. (Zero-point field or ZPF)

The zero-point energy field is fundamental in all respects. Without it, all matter composed of atoms could not exist in our unversum, and planets would not orbit their suns in stable bands.
The communication of the world takes place not in Isaac Newton’s visible domain, but in the subatomic world. Cells and DNA communicate by means of vibrational frequencies.

The brain perceives and registers the world through pulsating waves.
Underlying the universe is a substructure that is essentially a registration medium for everything, allowing everything to communicate with everything. People are inextricably linked to their environment. Living consciousness is not a separate entity, but contributes to the coherence (order) in the rest of the world.
Human consciousness has incredible abilities, for example, to heal ourselves and the world and, in a sense, to make it as we wish.

– ‘Souls of Distortion Awakening’, by Jan Wicherink
– ‘The Field’, by Lynne Mc Taggart
– ‘The Visionary Window’, by Amit Goswami


“One day, when we have conquered the ether, the wind, the tides and gravity, we will… harness the energies of love. On that day, for the second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.

The further we penetrate into matter, through ever more powerful methods, the more we become confused by the interdependence of the parts. Every element in the Cosmos originated from all other elements. It is impossible to cut into or isolate this network without it fraying on all sides.

Modern physics is no longer sure whether what it holds in its hands is pure energy or pure thought.”

– Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955),
palaeontologist, Jesuit priest and theologian


Star Tetrahedron

Cube of Metatron

Isotropic vector matrix


Interiority (involution)

One of Teilhard de Chardin’s theses is that nature increase in self-reference (involution) and self-representation (interiority) at every stage of evolution (a term originating in mysticism). Matter has an ‘interior’, which he also calls ‘psychism’. All phenomena in the world harbour this psychic element, albeit in different concentrations. According to Teilhard, this Interiority energy is the driving force of evolution. It has led to three ‘births’: cosmogenesis (the creation of the universe), biogenesis (the jump mutation from lifeless to living matter) and noogenesis (the jump mutation towards self-awareness). With noogenesis comes the phenomenon of man, the species that biologists call Homo sapiens.

Teilhard de Chardin compares the apparent differences between these steps with the heating of a solid: at first the substance only gets warmer, melting only follows after some time. The liquid behaves very differently from the earlier solid, but consists of the same molecules. The same applies to the transition to the gas phase.

Omega point

According to Teilhard de Chardin, the species Homo sapiens has risen above the animal level by the power of interiority. This means that man as a thinking being with his capacity for reflection is able to transcend the cosmos and himself. But this new form of life is not the end of the evolutionary process. According to Teilhard de Chardin’s reflections, mankind is on the way to an ever closer social unity.

A first step on this road has already been taken. As the first species, man has succeeded in colonising the world from his place of origin in several streams, without breaking up into different species.

We are invited to take the next step by the fact that the globe is infinite (you can always go further in a certain direction) but not infinite (going further at a certain moment means going over a road you travelled before). Eventually, according to Teilhard de Chardin, this development will culminate in an evolutionary moment that he calls the Omega Point.


This is where, according to Teilhard de Chardin, Christian doctrine comes into play: according to him the Omega Point is the state of humanity redeemed by Christ. People have increased there interiority to such an extent that they have become the mystical body of Christ. According to him, this is only possible after the creator subjects himself to the process of evolution, by becoming human in the form of Jesus Christ. Teilhard calls this Christogenesis. By virtue of His immersion in the womb of the world, the great waters of matter are, without shuddering, charged with life. And at the same time, through the contact with Christ, the universe has become one unmeasurable Host. 

Moral evil is reduced by Teilhard de Chardin to a necessary evil, an ‘evolutionary waste product’. Sin, in his view, is the human experience of multiplicity. For Teilhard, multiplicity is a term for the dynamic state in which the evolutionary process necessarily finds itself. The goal of evolution is the Point Omega, a state in which Creation is completely united with the Creator through the process of self-reference (involution) and self-representation (interiority). But as long as that ultimate Unity has not been achieved, there is multiplicity.

– Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955),
palaeontologist, Jesuit priest and theologian

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